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Accounting Record-Keeping. Preparation and Submission of Statements and Reports

AGERE Law Firm provides accounting services. Accounting services involve enterprise accounting service support including following:

1)   Preparation and delivery of any statements and reports as provided by the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Accounting Standards;

2)   Record keeping of supporting documents (waybills, statements, sales invoices, expenses, fixed assets and inventory holdings accounts);

3)   Employee advances;

4)   Cash flows in "Bank-Customer" system (preparation of payment documents as well as any documents for Foreign Exchange Control Division);

5)   Payments accounting, currency payments accounting;

6)   Salary and wage settlements accounting;

7)   Financial closing (calculation of exchange and sum differences, analysis of accounts receivable / accounts payable – collection of the documents and reconciliation of the settlements with contractors);

8)   Maintaining of accounting ledgers and record keeping for tax purposes;

9)   Preparation and analysis of the data on VAT, Property Tax, Income Tax; filling in the declarations and calculation of taxes;

10) Preparation of Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, as well as other quarter and annual statements;

11) Preparation of Consolidated Statements for the Customer including any statements accordingly to the International Accounting Standards;

12) Other accounting and legal support of the enterprise:

- accounting for investment and loans;

- preparation and submission of statistical reporting;

- representation before tax authorities;

- development and updating of accounting policies and tax registers;

- development and implementation of data and documents interchange system in accounting;

- arrangement of the employees work engaged in accounting;

- selective inspection of work results of the employees engaged in accounting;

- reconstruction of accounting;

- cash advance reports accounting (including business trips and settlements having used the corporate banking cards);

 - analysis of mutual payments receivable and payable;

 - accounting for fixed assets;

 - analytical accounting of incomes, assessment of financial results of activity;

 - accounting for the Customer’s expenses;

- reconciliation of General Ledger accounts;

- consulting in taxation;

- monitoring of compliance and performance quality of the employees working for the Customer’s Accounting Department.