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Legal Outsourcing

AGERE Law Firm provides services of legal outsourcing – contract based (project) service, corporate or subscriber-based legal service.

Contract based (Project) Service shall involve entering into a Project Contract with a customer and such Project Contract shall specify a certain procedure and terms of rendering services (registration proceedings, obtaining the licenses, preparation of tender documentation, and others) as well as any results and liabilities.

Corporate Legal Service – a Frame Agreement under which the legal services are to be provided on the basis of written assignment of the Customer without having a continuous legal support.

Subscriber-based Legal Service – continuous legal support of the Customer’s operations. Subscriber-based legal service offered by AGERE Law Firm comprises first of all internal organization of the work, and continuous legal support of the Customer’s operations accordingly to its Articles of Association, including following:

1)   Legal appraisal, aid and advice in applicable laws;

2)   Legal examination as well as elaboration and drafting of various civil law contracts and so on.