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Firm activity

AGERE is engaged in providing a wide range of professional legal services to the foreign and Kazakhstan clients. We are specialized and experienced both in commercial and legal matters including but not limited to:

- Registration, re-registration, winding-up, bankruptcy proceedings of any legal entity irrespective of the form of ownership;

- drafting any foundation documents and other corporate documents for the enterprises of any forms of ownership, including those with the participation of foreign capital, preparation of any documents for the representative offices and branches of foreign companies, and registration of the same with the Kazakhstan authorized state agencies in the shortest possible time;

- Legal advice/corporate consulting of business;

- Business accounting, including preparation and submission of any tax reporting, statistical statements and internal financial statements of the company;

- Rendering of assistance in applying for licenses to carry on various commercial operations, drafting of any documents required for such licenses and submission there of to the competent state authorities;

- Rendering of assistance in applying for permits to engage foreign labour, drafting of any documents required for such permits and submission there of to the competent state authorities;

- Legal analysis and advice on civil, labour, commercial, foreign trade, investment, privatization, natural resource, land, maritime, construction, corporate, financial, currency, and insurance legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, private international law, as well as on licensing of various commercial activities, certification and marking, environmental protection, power industry, and intellectual property;

- Legal analysis and drafting of various civil and legal agreements, including those on foreign trade, investment, and subsoil use;

- Rendering of assistance on issues related to participation in any tenders to be hold by Kazakhstan companies, including preparation of the required documents, obtaining of required permits (conclusions) with the authorized state agencies;

- Rendering of assistance to the clients in establishing any contacts as well as in conducting negotiations with Kazakhstan state agencies in connection with any investment projects, licenses, approvals and other matters;

- Lawyer’s services, litigation support, representation of interests in any court, commercial court in Kazakhstan and participation in arbitration proceedings abroad;

- Assistance in notarization, apostilization and legalization of any documents as well as in translation of any documents into Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages;

- Assistance to the clients in taking out both obligatory and voluntary insurance on preferential terms with one of the leading Kazakhstan insurance companies, including the insurance of foreign citizens against accidents and employer's liability insurance, as well as legal assistance in case of loss occurrence;

- Registration of trademarks and preparation of all appropriate documents;

- Registration of offshore companies in any countries of the world.

Moreover, AGERE regularly provides its clients with a free of charge information service on the changes to current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our Lawyers regularly publish articles concerning the current issues of the Kazakhstan commercial, civil, and investment legislation in the leading Kazakhstan academic and practical publications.


Principals of payment:


We are ready to work with our clients on the basis of various mutually acceptable terms of payment, including those on the basis of:

   - hourly rates of our lawyers;

   - subscription services when the services are rendered on the basis of the subscription agreement and the payments are made in the form of a fixed monthly payment;

   - orporate servicing when our lawyers render services directly in a client’s office, and payments are made in the form of a fixed monthly payment;

   - agreed (project confined) servicing when the scope of work and definite cost of each project are agreed upon with a client in advance;

   - other terms of payment for our services as agreed upon with the clients.



We guarantee that all of our invoices and timing billed to the client represent the reality and are appropriate to the scope, quality, and terms of the work performed.  We aim to minimize overhead and other expenses of our clients connected with our services, and at any time we are ready to provide our clients with a detailed and conscientious report on the work performed and time spent.