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Registration of Offshore Companies

Offshore Company (in international practice referred to as the International Business Company - IBC) is a legal entity registered in one of the offshore zones of the world and engaged in business with the foreign partners in a tax-free regime. Only business and operations conducted by the offshore company within the country where it has been registered shall be subject to taxation in the form of a fixed annual fee.


The most popular offshore zones are the jurisdictions of following countries: Delaware, USA, Republic of Cyprus, British Virgin Island and Seychelles.

АGERE offers a wide range of services involving the registration of the offshore companies in any offshore zones of the world.

When rendering the offshore services АGERE offers the individual approach to every Customer and the most advantageous business solutions for the Customer.

Full range of services involving the registration of offshore company includes following:

  • Preparation of constituent documents (translation, apostilization of documents);
  • Payment of required state fees and duty;
  • Payment for registered agent /secretary of the company for first year;
  • Payment for registered office for first year;
  • Documents delivery by an express mail to the country of registration.